Welcome to MommyTincture


Welcome to MommyTincture

Almost into the new year, as I close-in on my decision to leave my job, to be able to take care of my two kids (one already there and the other in my tummy) I am a mixed bag of emotions. I am amazed how the second pregnancy despite being distinct from the first one is no different in terms of the deluge of thoughts it is causing in my mind.

mommy belly

It is one thing that this second pregnancy did not come planned and kept me in a panicked state of mind throughout my first trimester. Now that the idea of having a second child has sunk in and I am done away with my morning sickness phase, I feel more settled and confident. And with the acceptance has come along a critical decision that had to be made. The decision of giving up a full-time office job and become a stay at home mother.

To be very frank, this decision tore my soul into pieces. For the last 2 years, I struggled a lot to in order to become a dedicated mother as well as keep my job. Ofcourse it was possible only because I had a super supportive family. My mother-in-law and my husband were the my two pillars who kept me walking through all days – good or bad. And though having to leave this life comes as a relief to me, it also means putting an end to a life of professional competence and performance.
Nevertheless, the optimist within me tells me that I am set for a new kind of roller-coaster ride and with every passing day my resolution to make my life worth it all is strengthening. So here I am sharing my worst fears, my best experiences and my aspirations with the world.
Welcome to my little world! Happy reading!

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