Humor Bites


Kids sometimes go on to do or say such things that you find it hard to comprehend how the young uninitiated mind works. Nick too at times does or says stuff, which sends my heart into mini-seizures. I have decided to documents such instances here, for everyone to read and enjoy.

P.S. – I hope Nick doesn’t hate me for this when he grows up and discovers this blog.

Humour Bites #1 – Of the Potties and Bathrooms

This happened when post dinner one day, we decided to meet a friend couple for coffee at CCD. The idea was to just catch up and nothing special. Given that CCD was just 5 minutes down the lane, I did not put Nick into a diaper and instead counselled him that should need to pee or potty, he should raise an alarm.

So we had been sitting and chatting for around half an hour that Nick came upto me saying that he wanted to go potty. A glimpse towards the wall clock and I thought, as it is its time to make a move, I hurried everyone into leaving for the day and told Nick that we would be home in just about 5 minutes and that he should hold on. ‘Nidhi’ – my friend in company then made an observation that this boy wants to go potty everytime we go somewhere. (It is worth mentioning here that we mostly go out with this particular couple only). I gave it a quick thought and reverted saying, “yes he does.” And just that, and made a move without giving it any further thought.

As we placed ourselves in our car and Ajay began to drive, I realised that Nick wasn’t very happy about us going back home on pretext off his potty, “Mujhe ghar jaane ke liye potty nahi jaana tha. Mujhe toh wahaan par hi potty janaa tha. Bathroom tha toh udhar.” (I didn’t want to go home to shit. I wanted to use the bathroom there at the restaurant itself. It did have a bathroom right!”

I and Ajay were left dumbstruck. So much so for my 2.5 year old Bathroom explorer!

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