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Turn of Energies


Ok, I am almost mid-way through my pregnancy and have just begun to feel mild movements where my tummy lies (or rather where the baby lies!). And I must admit, its a great feeling. Even amidst all my doubts and conflicting thoughts about this unplanned baby, the slight activity inside has stirred a lot of positive emotions of affection, love and wonder within me.

Ofcourse my body has slowed down physically, but emotionally and mentally I feel extremely active and charged up. The result? I am intent on doing and trying things which i had planned to for very long. For example:

The Cakes
Ever since i started baking the basic cake with my first OTG a decade back but lost touch due to my academic and professional commitments, i had vowed myself to get back to it asap. Not that my professional or personal commitments have taken a dip in the last one month; but I made sure that I take some time off for trying out the seasonal cakes. This has led me to bake almost 30 pounds of cakes in various flavors. These included the traditional chocolate mud cake with truffle cream icing, the seasonal carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and the orange cake and last but not the least the Rich Fruit Cake which has taken away the trophy with admirers across states.

The Crotchet
The year Nick was born I had got some yarn and started crotcheting a shawl. The pace went down and the activity eventually disappeared as Nick grew more active. But around this Diwali, I decided that this shawl will have to be used this Winter season and thus with a relay effort between my mom-in-law and myself, we were able to complete it. I am going to use it next week when I visit my parents’ place in North India next week.

The uncountable conflicting thoughts about having a second baby, having to leave my job almost drove me nuts. relief saw some dawn when my mentor ASB of Pikturenama suggested that I start penning my experiences in the form of a blog. Once I had registered the name MommyTincture on WordPress, it still took some 15 days to formulate my thoughts and finally start posting. Thanks ASB for the idea and encouragement.

And Ofcourse my Job
Can’t forget that I still hold a place in an organization that expects me to deliver on my KRAs. Though I have been privileged enough to have flexi-timings in the office, I am still squirming through a whole lot of tasks to be completed before I call it quits. Also, there is a lot of emotional combat as I work towards closure of a significant chapter of my life.

And in all this there is this little monster who needs constant attention and care-taking that is fun and exhausting both at the same time. Wooff !

I hope this positive turn of energies sustains itself throughout my pregnancy and thereafter. I am going to need a lot of positivism to prepare for full-time motherhood and keep up with stuff to keep the rest of me alive and living.

Cute DIY gifts for Daddy Dear


Well, ever since Nik was born, I have wanted to gift something personal to my husband. Tell him that it’s both of us who are wishing and gifting you. Ofcourse, this would be easier when Nik is a little older, because then he can (or atleast I expect that he will !) use his creativity with some of my guidance to create something special and personal for his DAD. But until then every year since Nik’s birth I am left with a mind boggling job of deciding on a Birthday gift for Daddy dear.

In Nik’s  first year (that was in 2013), I embroidered a cute yellow Baba Suit whose back said “U Think I’m Cute, Just Look At My Daddy” and a ‘Little Tiger’ winter cap. When Nik presented himself wearing the suit before we cut Ajay’s Tea cup shaped huge cake, Ajay’s experession of happiness was ofcourse priceless. Amidst the hectic work routine and taking care of a 6 month old I tried to spare atleat half an hour everyday to this project and voila! I was done with it in 15 days time! Have a look at my work –

The cute little tiger cap

The cute little tiger cap

Well the 2014 birthday went quite uneventful as I was struggling with my job and an extremely demanding 1 year old. So the birthday gift had to suffice with a wallet. That was it!

This year I was determined to create a nice gift for Ajay. A month ahead of Ajay’s Birthday, I wondered if he was old enough at 30 months to help me create a gift for his DAD? The possible ideas ran mostly in the background as I was now dealing with a three month old pregnancy, a job that I need to wind up asap and ofcourse a hyperactive monster of a son. pheww !!! Nonetheless I did manage to create this –

daddy gift 2015

It was a very simple DIY gift, except for the part when I had to request, wait a minute no plead , oh no coax (oh shit ! what was it that I did) a 2.5 year old monster (who has just begun to have a mind of his own) into posing for pictures with letter card in his hands. Yet, i think I did a decent job 🙂

The photo processing and printing was done at a studio. And the rest of it is all hand work. I used Nik’s palms to create the V in LOVE and my own to create the rest of it.

Result ! Ajay loved it (me smiling).

PS: My mind’s already musing over what our next gift will be for Ajay’s birthday, 2016. Nik will be a year older and in all possibility more creative. Ahh ! My heart’s taking somersaults thinking about the infinite possibilities….