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5 Things I experienced at Workplace during my Pregnancy


When I got pregnant with Nick, the pregnancy got confirmed only 50 days after my LMP date. The same day I saw some spotting and my gynecologist prescribed me to a 2 month long bed rest. Post that too, I kept facing complications which kept me away from my workplace and I had to retort to work-from-home.

This time its been thankfully different. Other than the sickness phase and a short trip to my mom’s place I have managed to stay regular at office, though with shorter working hours. Yet, there have been those moments when I wished I could just be home, lay still and rest. Here’s a list of 5 things that I experienced at my workplace during my pregnancy.

I’d like to mention here, that I work for an SME in the infrastructure development industry. Our office is 2000 sq. feet of floor space distributed over 2 floors connected through a steep set of stairs. And we are just 40 people in our office.

All my attempts to keep my pregnancy (atleast the initial stages) from becoming public knowledge in the office vent in vain, everytime I ran to the restroom. While I wrenched my sickness out of my system, I tried to keep the noises as low as possible. But everytime, someone or the other would hear some suspicious noises and summon my dear team member to see if I have not been keeping well and why. To make a confession, more than me it was my junior team member who had to face wary queries from other office members. And poor her, keeping her loyalties towards me, she would just ward-off all questions as “God knows what’s wrong with her!”

2) Flexibility overstretched
Oh yes! I completely misused the flexibility privilege bestowed upon me by my management. As soon as I realised I was pregnant, I informed my boss that I couldn’t be doing a full day anymore. Above that, during the first trimester, the sickness took its toll also in the form of intermittent unplanned leaves. So, it was (mis)using flexibility at its peak.

3) Scheduling the staircase trips
As I already mentioned that my office place is distributed across two floors joined by a steep set of staircase, I had to limit my trips to the floor above from where my reporting manager as well as the Managing director work. I would make one trip during the first half to report to my boss about the updates from the previous day. And then one trip towards the end of the work day, discussing with him the daily and intermittent issues apart from the work for the next day. This was it! until my MD
needed some crucial updates or reports which required me to take multiple trips upstairs(though I can count such days on my fingures), I was mostly glued to my cubicle and my floor.

4) Taste bud tantrums
Once I was over my sickness phase, there was always a list of items on my food agenda for the day. These items included candies, juices, chocolates and sometimes a full fledged lunch. I kept my sub-staff busy more or less everyday to run around to tender my food cravings.

5) Withdrawal Symptoms
There were so many days when I really wanted to work, yet didn’t feel like working. Why? Because I thought, what’s the point? This work period was not going to affect my appraisals (and subsequently the increments) as that time to cherish the incremented salary was never going to be there for me to enjoy. Also, I saw less chances of me getting back to the same work profile in near or far future. I know I will work in future, but chances of me getting back to a full time job as a Human Resources Professional are meek and absolutely silky hair thin. So on such days, I chatted on the phone, browsed through the net on various DiY activities and just whiled away time.

As I traverse through the last lap of my current professional stint, I am a mixed-bag of emotions and look back with a lot of fondness at how my workplace has been super- friendly with me through the ups and downs of my journey. I shall cherish this time and long for it in the future. May god give me the strength to move on in the true sense and explore other aspects of my life for which I hadn’t had enough time in the past.

Turn of Energies


Ok, I am almost mid-way through my pregnancy and have just begun to feel mild movements where my tummy lies (or rather where the baby lies!). And I must admit, its a great feeling. Even amidst all my doubts and conflicting thoughts about this unplanned baby, the slight activity inside has stirred a lot of positive emotions of affection, love and wonder within me.

Ofcourse my body has slowed down physically, but emotionally and mentally I feel extremely active and charged up. The result? I am intent on doing and trying things which i had planned to for very long. For example:

The Cakes
Ever since i started baking the basic cake with my first OTG a decade back but lost touch due to my academic and professional commitments, i had vowed myself to get back to it asap. Not that my professional or personal commitments have taken a dip in the last one month; but I made sure that I take some time off for trying out the seasonal cakes. This has led me to bake almost 30 pounds of cakes in various flavors. These included the traditional chocolate mud cake with truffle cream icing, the seasonal carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and the orange cake and last but not the least the Rich Fruit Cake which has taken away the trophy with admirers across states.

The Crotchet
The year Nick was born I had got some yarn and started crotcheting a shawl. The pace went down and the activity eventually disappeared as Nick grew more active. But around this Diwali, I decided that this shawl will have to be used this Winter season and thus with a relay effort between my mom-in-law and myself, we were able to complete it. I am going to use it next week when I visit my parents’ place in North India next week.

The uncountable conflicting thoughts about having a second baby, having to leave my job almost drove me nuts. relief saw some dawn when my mentor ASB of Pikturenama suggested that I start penning my experiences in the form of a blog. Once I had registered the name MommyTincture on WordPress, it still took some 15 days to formulate my thoughts and finally start posting. Thanks ASB for the idea and encouragement.

And Ofcourse my Job
Can’t forget that I still hold a place in an organization that expects me to deliver on my KRAs. Though I have been privileged enough to have flexi-timings in the office, I am still squirming through a whole lot of tasks to be completed before I call it quits. Also, there is a lot of emotional combat as I work towards closure of a significant chapter of my life.

And in all this there is this little monster who needs constant attention and care-taking that is fun and exhausting both at the same time. Wooff !

I hope this positive turn of energies sustains itself throughout my pregnancy and thereafter. I am going to need a lot of positivism to prepare for full-time motherhood and keep up with stuff to keep the rest of me alive and living.

Welcome to MommyTincture


Welcome to MommyTincture

Almost into the new year, as I close-in on my decision to leave my job, to be able to take care of my two kids (one already there and the other in my tummy) I am a mixed bag of emotions. I am amazed how the second pregnancy despite being distinct from the first one is no different in terms of the deluge of thoughts it is causing in my mind.

mommy belly

It is one thing that this second pregnancy did not come planned and kept me in a panicked state of mind throughout my first trimester. Now that the idea of having a second child has sunk in and I am done away with my morning sickness phase, I feel more settled and confident. And with the acceptance has come along a critical decision that had to be made. The decision of giving up a full-time office job and become a stay at home mother.

To be very frank, this decision tore my soul into pieces. For the last 2 years, I struggled a lot to in order to become a dedicated mother as well as keep my job. Ofcourse it was possible only because I had a super supportive family. My mother-in-law and my husband were the my two pillars who kept me walking through all days – good or bad. And though having to leave this life comes as a relief to me, it also means putting an end to a life of professional competence and performance.
Nevertheless, the optimist within me tells me that I am set for a new kind of roller-coaster ride and with every passing day my resolution to make my life worth it all is strengthening. So here I am sharing my worst fears, my best experiences and my aspirations with the world.
Welcome to my little world! Happy reading!